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Peerless-AV's PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount simplifies image alignment. The patent-pending precision gear design allows exact tilt and roll image positioning by either simply turning 2 adjustment knobs with a Phillips screwdriver or use the tool-less option by extending the knobs to adjust by hand. Just set the precision gear to the desired position to secure it in place. It will hold its position even during projector maintenance. With Peerless-AV's PRG Precision Gear Projector Mount, just set it and forget it. No more adjustment screws. No more micro adjustments. No more hassles.

  • Patent-pending precision gears provide exact projector image alignment
  • Supports projectors up to 50 lbs.
  • Tilts +/-20 degrees
  • Rolls +/-10 degrees
  • Swivels 360 degrees when mounted on extension column and +/-15 degrees when flush mounted on ceilings
  • 2 adjustment knobs control projector image alignment
  • Pre-assembled design reduces installation time
  • Horizontal wrench access slots make flush mounting installation fast & easy
  • Cable management allows cables to be routed through projector mount out of sight
  • U-shaped pitch bracket allows for hassle-free cable routing
  • Quick-release mechanism allows easy removal
  • Spider universal adapter plate extends up to 17.63" to fit most projector models
  • Preinstalled security screws provide optional tilt and roll lock to prevent tampering with adjustment knobs
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Peerless-AV
  • Model: PRG-UNV