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The ANTOP Versa Indoor Smartpass Amplified HDTV Folding Antenna is designed with a folding structure and a clip-on option making it portable and perfect for home or travel. The Multi-directional reception, inline Smartpass Amplifier, and multiple setup options allow you to install your AT-250X2 antenna in various locations around the interior of your home. Use one antenna for your primary television and keep the second for travel or a secondary TV. The AT-250X2 is excellent for moderate signal areas and has a 35–45-mile range. It also includes a built-in 5G/LTE cellular filter for interference-free reception.


  • Folding Structure is Compact in Design and Perfect for Travel
  • 35 to 45 Mile Range
  • In-line Smartpass Amplifier, for short and long range
  • Multi-Directional Reception
  • For Indoor Use
  • Black Hairline Finish
  • Built-in 5G/LTE Cellular Filter for Interference-Free Reception
  • Versatile: Clip-On Anywhere or Place on Tabletop
  • 10' Attached Coaxial Cable Included
  • Color: Black
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Brand: Antop
  • Model: AT-250XT
  • In the box: (2) AT-250X2 Versa Indoor HDTV Folding Antenna Attached to Cable and Inline Amplifier, (2) USB Cable, (2) AC/DC Power Adapter, (2) Detachable Clips, (2) Instruction/User Manual